The fourth Chemistry-Climate Model Initiative (CCMI) Workshop will be held in Rome at ISAC-CNR, 7-9 October 2015. CCMI is a joint project of IGAC and SPARC with the aim to investigate and understand the historical and projected evolution of stratospheric and tropospheric composition and chemistry, including the links between those domains, and the feedbacks with the physical climate. CCMI consists of a wide range of researchers, including chemistry-climate modellers, observationalists, and data analysts, which are all likewise encouraged to join our next workshop.


Workshop focus

The goal of the workshop is to bring together modelling groups, experimentalists, and scientists who analyze the data to provide a platform for discussion of the most recent progress within CCMI. Topics of the workshop include:

  • Model improvement, model development, and common issues with CCMI-1 simulations

  • Process-oriented and observation-based evaluation of the chemistry, dynamics, radiation, and

    transport in CCMI-1 simulations,

  • Emergent constraints for the evaluation of CCM projections,

  • New observations and approaches for improved model evaluation,

  • Emission-dependent projections of air quality and impacts on climate/meteorology (and vice-versa),

  • Emission-dependent projections of the ozone layer and impacts on climate (and vice-versa),

  • Effects of stratospheric changes on tropospheric climate and chemistry (and vice-versa),

  • Dynamics and chemistry of the Asian monsoon.


Workshop Sponsor